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Taconova Switzerland: New Headquarters

The Taconova Group AG in Switzerland has a new headquarters in the Osterwalder Tower in Zurich.

This film by Avia Osterwalder and Taconova shows you an unusual perspective of the building. It goes without saying that the building is equipped with Taconova products. 

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Osterwalder Tower: Two years of construcion time brought down to two minutes

Click here to watch a timelapse of the construction of the Osterwalder Tower in Zurich. 

Case Study

Taconova goes to school

Hygienic continuous flow domestic hot water preparation in combination with renewable energy.

The TacoTherm Fresh Exa fresh hot water station is used in the primary school in the community of Bellikon to prepare drinking water in accordance with the continuous flow principle. Hot water is available hygienically and on demand as a result for all the students following sporting activities – even with full simultaneous use.

With an output range of 1 to 125 l/min, the TacoTherm Fresh Exa fresh hot water station supplies the large dispensing volumes required with simultaneous use as and when needed (at 70 °C hot water flow temperature in the primary circuit and 60 °C hot water outlet temperature).

Case Study

Our large stations in practice

A TacoTherm Fresh Exa fresh water station, a TacoSol Load Exa storage loading station and eight Tacosetter Bypass balancing valves enable hydraulic balancing.

Taconova launched the KTI projects in cooperation with the Institut für Solartechnik SPF (Institute for Solar Technology) of the Technical University Rapperswil (HSR) and ZIG (Zentrum für Integrale Gebäudetechnik) at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts with the aim of developing a storage loading station for use in large solar thermal installations and a fresh water station for handling high peak loads in buildings.

We are also investigating the smooth interaction of the two stations and documenting the energy-related benefits of using a scientific monitoring system.


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Case Study

Precise hydronic balancing in the Paul Wunderlich Building.

600 TacoSetter Inline units ensure precise quantities of water in the Paul Wunderlich Building

Built in Barnim in 2007, the service and management center covers a site measuring over one hectare right in the middle of the historic old town center of Eberswalde left empty in the aftermath of the war. As well as housing local government offices and the seat of the seat of the district administration, including a council chamber, the building also accommodates commercial premises and a small museum containing works by artist Paul Wunderlich.

In compliance with the architectural, urban development and usage-defined general conditions, the shape of the building, glazing, sun screening, facades and storage media were designed to ensure the greatest possible comfort for users with the lowest possible energy consumption. This involves both high-quality usage of the public spaces and a sophisticated natural and artificial light concept.

Heat is provided solely through thermal pumps, the source heat coming from the soil. The high groundwater level meant that the buildings foundations were built on piles. The piles contain pipelines that transport the ground heat in an upward direction.

Around 600 TacoSetter Inline units provide the precise hydronic balance throughout the building.

Our central promise of enhanced convenience is also an undertaking to the environment. Setting the standard for the industry, our technology and products – also covering alternative energy forms such as solar and thermal energy – not only ensure easier planning and application, as well as low maintenance, but also practical, individual regulation. They reduce energy consumption and thereby cut costs to a significant degree. Taconova offers maximum performance and comfort while using minimum resources. Thus, for us, concern for the environment is not just an empty claim, but also an ethical choice. This is evident at every point in our business, from our code of conduct to our products and the way they are used.




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