Taco circulation pumps are now available from Taconova

Ideal for heating, solar thermal and DHW circulation systems

Taco circulation pumps are characterised by permanent magnet synchronous motors, which ensure high efficiency and low operating costs, as well as meeting new energy regulations.

The glandless circulation pumps demonstrate all the benefits of this type of design:
• No maintenance
• Replacement of sealing elements not necessary
• Reliable operation

Here you can find more information about Taco circulating pumps.



For automatic room temperature control in area heating systems, heating circuit distributors now come ready-equipped with actuators, so there is no need to fit these separately. Taconova's latest development, TacoDrive, combines an actuator and a distribution valve. TacoDrive is supplied connection-ready on the heating circuit distributor, meaning that the separate installation of an actuator is no longer necessary.



TopMeter Plus

Hydronic balancing is one of the setup tasks performed when commissioning under floor heating systems and area cooling systems – it involves adjusting the flow rates in order to achieve the required room temperatures. The well known "TopMeter" balancing valve is one of the main components on the heating circuit distributor for this purpose. For the ISH 2017, Taconova introduced a new product version which enables balancing and shut-off to take place as two separate processes.



TacoSys Pro

With the TacoSys Pro, Taconova is expanding its under floor heating technology range by adding a heating circuit distributor which meets the highest requirements for precisely controlled heat distribution. Two components that particularly stand out are the newly developed TacoDrive actuator and the TopMeter Plus balancing valve, which has been further developed to incorporate additional functions.



Dynamic balancing

For hydronic balancing, static or dynamic balancing valves are used depending on control requirements. In order to offer a fully comprehensive range of products in the area of hydronic balancing, Taconova is expanding its existing selection of balancing valves and line regulating valves to include regulating valves for dynamic balancing.



TacoTherm Dual Piko Connect

Heat interface units offer many distinct advantages, including hygienic DHW heating according to the instantaneous water heating principle, flexibility in the choice of heat generation and convenience, to name but a few. A high degree of control accuracy and careful commissioning are necessary for well balanced heat distribution and maintenance of required DHW draw-off temperatures. Thanks to an innovative control concept, it is now easier than ever to make settings and adjustments with the latest TacoTherm Dual Piko Connect heat interface units from Taconova.



TacoTherm Fresh series

The "TacoTherm Fresh" series of domestic hot water stations for central DHW heating according to the instantaneous water heating principle is now available in a new design. From individual residential units to large apartment buildings and hotels, a solution can be found in one of these standard versions:

TacoTherm Fresh Mega Connect

TacoTherm Fresh Mega2

TacoTherm Fresh Mega2 X

TacoTherm Fresh Peta

TacoTherm Fresh Peta X