TacoSetter Rondo

TacoSetter Rondo saves on space and impresses with its functional design. It is suitable for direct installation in the flow or return directions of radiators or manifold bars, and enables uncomplicated adjustment of the volume flow without valve tables. With a measuring and control range of 0.6 – 8 l/min it has been designed for systems with small pipe dimensions. No tools are required for the adjustment and subsequent securing of the valves and accessories with a cover.


Direct hydraulic balancing and control of flows to consumers. Balancing valves offer a quick, easy and accurate method of adjusting the flow rates through heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.
Correct balancing of hydraulic circuits allows for lower flow temperatures, resulting in more efficient and economical operation in accordance with the energy saving regulations provided for by legislation.
With TacoSetter Rondo balancing valves, any qualified fitter can set the appropriate water distribution, thus avoiding investments in training and costly measuring devices.


  • Accurate and quick balancing without diagrams, tables or measuring devices
  • The flow rate is displayed directly in l/min
  • Variable installation position, maintenance-free, compact
  • Regulating valve with isolating facility (rest leakage possible)
  • Self-sealing screw connector
  • Valve adjustment tool integrated in protective cover


The flow measurement is based on the displacement principle of a baffle disk, which is inserted in a measuring tube. The movement of the baffle disc is transformed to the sight glass by a mechanical device. The scale printed on the sight glass allows the flow rate to be read with ease.
Turning the sight glass changes the opening profile of the valve and allows the desired flow rate to be set.

Technical Data

  • kVS value: 1 m³/h
  • Admissible operating parameters TO max und PO max: see data sheet
  • Measurement range: 0.6 – 8 l/min
  • Measuring accuracy: < 2 l/min ± 20 % of the final value
  • Measuring accuracy: > 2 l/min ± 10 % of the final value
  • Female thread Rp as per DIN 2999/IS0 7
  • Male thread (G) as per ISO 228
  • Installation position: in the flow direction in any position (360°)


  • Housing: nickel-plated brass
  • Test object: plastic
  • Inner parts: plastic
  • Viewing glass: heat-resistant, shock-resistant plastic
  • Seals: EPDM

Flow Media

  • Heating water (VDI 2035; SWKI BT 102-01; ÖNORM H 5195–1)
  • Water and proprietary additives used against corrosion and freezing up to 50%

Building categories

For pipe installations in drinking water, heating and cooling area:

  • Apartment blocks, housing estates, multiple dwelling units
  • Residential care facilities and hospitals
  • Administration and service buildings
  • Hotels and restaurants, industrial kitchens
  • School buildings and sports facilities
  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Facilities with partial use, such as barracks, camping sites

Type Overview

TacoSetter Rondo

Balancing valve nickel-plated brass, TO max: 100 °C , PO max: 6 bar, model for passageway
Order no. DN kVS (m3/h) Range (l/min) G " x Rp " Version
223.3206.000 15 1 0,6 - 8 ½ x ½ With screw connection, self-sealing
223.3206.325 15 1 0,6 - 8 ¾ x ½ Without screw connection (GxRp)
223.3206.341 15 1 0,6 - 8 ¾ x ¾ Without screw connection (GxG)