TacoSol Circ ZR PV EU21

Two-line solar station with 24V HE DC pump, balancing valve, ventilation unit and safety subassembly for independent operation in solar heating energy systems


The TacoSol Circ ZR PV EU21 is a solar station with a high-efficiency DC pump, which can be powered and controlled directly by the current of a photovoltaic panel. This eliminates the otherwise customary mains connection and enables independent operation of the solar system. Hydraulic balancing, flow measurement and ventilation can be carried out directly on the station. The integrated TacoSetter Inline 130 allows the volume flow in the primary circuit to be precisely and conveniently adjusted and checked. Permanent air separation in the ventilating flask allows energy-efficient operation of the system.
Systems that are correctly balanced hydraulically and air-free guarantee optimal energy extraction and are thus more cost-effective in the sense of the energy-saving directives laid down by law.
Using scales that are pre-calibrated for inhibitors, specialists locally can adjust and check the flow values. Training and costly measuring devices are no longer needed.


  • Compact: Equipped with all the necessary valves and components
  • Secure: Intrinsic safety of the system thanks to an integrated safety subassembly
  • Simple:
    • Hydraulic balancing and functional checking of the system with Tacosetter Inline 130
    • Pump can be changed with ease as it lockable on the intake and output sides
  • Efficient: Highly efficient system operation owing to permanent air separation and use of HE pumps
  • Flexible: Flexibility thanks to the option of integrating control systems


The solar liquid heated in the collector is transported to the hot water/drinking water storage tank via a heat exchanger in the two-line
TacoSol Circ ZR PV EU21 solar station.
The output of the integrated high-efficiency DC pump is regulated independently in combination with a photovoltaic panel based on the intensity of the global radiation and the voltage generated in the photovoltaic module. A DC controller can be installed between the photovoltaic module and the pump to monitor the temperature differential.
The integrated TacoSetter Inline 130 balancing valve enables the volume flow to be adjusted to the performance of the collector or heat exchanger and checked. The integrated ventilating flask with innovative flow technology design ensures permanent air separation and thereby increases the efficiency of the system.

Technical Data


  • Max. operating temperatures:
    • Flow line (ventilator side): TO max: 160 °C
    • Return line (pump side): TO max: 95 °C
  • Max. operating pressure: PO max: 8 bar
  • Actuating pressure of the integrated safety valve: 6 bar
  • kVS value and measurement range according to „Type overview“ table
  • Thread according to DIN 2999/ISO 7 and ISO 228
  • Measuring accuracy ± 10 % of the final value

Electric connection data

  • Rated voltage 8 - 24 Volt (operation via a 12 V panel; with a 24 V panel only with maximum voltage limit of 24 V)
  • Power consumption*:
    • Minimal start-up power less than 1 Watt (at 12 Volt)
    • Maximum power input approx. 22 W; current consumption 0.25 - 1.46 A (* power input and start-up may vary from system to system)
  • Insulation class IP 42 / Class F


  • Safe power-off of the pump at approx. 95 °C


  • Vent pipe: Painted steel
  • Valve housing: Brass
  • Internal parts: Stainless steel, brass, plastic; borosilicate (sight glass)
  • O-ring seals: EPDM
  • Flat seals: AFM34
  • Insulation: EPP

Flow Media

  • Water mixtures with typical additives used against corrosion and freezing (display scale for medium viscosity υ = 2,3 mm²/s)
  • Heating water (VDI 2035; SWKI BT 102-01; ÖNORM H 5195–1)
  • Cold water

Type Overview

TacoSol Circ ZR PV EU21 | Two-line solar station

kVS [m3/h] at υ = 1 mm2/s in the return line (pump side)
Order no. DN kVS (m3/h) Range (l/min) G " Circulating pump
270.7506.000 20 1,5 1,5 - 6 1" flat Laing D5 Solar
270.7516.000 20 3,3 4 - 16 1" flat Laing D5 Solar

FV 70 Tacosol EU21 FV70 Tacosol EU 21