TacoTherm Fresh cascade

Cascade solution for hygienic DHW heating using the instantaneous water heating principle


Domestic hot water stations are used for demand-dependent DHW heating based on the instantaneous water heating principle, in conjunction with a buffer cylinder.
The modules replace the need to store domestic hot water in an additional cylinder and offer a high level of protection against legionella bacteria as water stagnation is prevented.
If the delivery capacity of a single domestic hot water station is insufficient, several stations can be combined to form what is known as a "cascade".
This configuration is especially good for covering peak loads and ensuring a reliable DHW supply. Domestic hot water stations can therefore also be used in very large hot water heating systems.



  • Extremely reliable DHW supply thanks to modular design


  • DHW supply can be flexibly extended with individual modules
  • Individual system concepts can be implemented
  • Peak loads can be covered


In a cascade, DHW is heated in stages. Initially, only one domestic hot water station (lead station) in the cascade is opened; as demand increases, the other domestic hot water stations are gradually opened as well.
The required DHW demand is captured via integral flow sensors in the cold water supply line to the stations. The stations are controlled by electric zone valves installed in the individual cold water supply lines and communication takes place via the controllers connected in the common bus system.

Building categories

  • Apartment buildings
  • Estates of detached houses
  • Multi family homes
  • Care homes and hospitals
  • Administrative and service buildings
  • Hotels and restaurants, commercial kitchens
  • School buildings and sports halls/sports facilities
  • Commercial and industrial buildings, industrial plants
  • Sites with partial use such as barracks, campsites

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TacoTherm Fresh Kaskade

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