TacoTherm Fresh Exa

Connection-ready fresh hot water station for especially fast and efficient generation of fresh hot water in large installations


  • The TacoTherm Fresh Exa C is a highly-efficient fresh hot water station for supplying hot water for a large dispensing range (1 - 125 l/min).
  • The station for large installations is used for heating drinking water on demand in accordance with the cyclical principle in conjunction with a storage tank for existing and new heating systems, wood-burning boilers, heat pumps and solar systems.
  • The station replaces the storage of hot drinking water in an additional storage unit and thus provides a high degree of protection against Legionella by avoiding water stagnation.



  • Equipped with all the necessary valves and components, ideally complements the TacoSol Load storage loading stations


  • Intrinsic safety of the system thanks to an integrated safety subassembly, protection against Legionella by avoiding water stagnation


  • Station is fully preassembled and supplied with ready-to-connect wiring


  • Highly efficient system operation owing to the use of HE pumps and stable dual-zone storage tank loading


  • The required energy for preparing the hot water is taken from the heating system‘s heating storage tank and transferred on demand via a plate heat exchanger.
  • The adjustable dispensing temperature is controlled on the primary side by means of the variable flow rate.
  • The pumps are activated by the controller integrated in the station.
  • A circulation circuit and thermal disinfection can be controlled on the secondary side by a separate program.
  • The Tacotherm Fresh Exa C can be supplied optionally with a switching valve for dual-zone return-flow stratification.
  • The primary pump and also the load valve are controlled by the integrated regulation system in accordance with the programmed specifications.

Technical Data


  • Controller TTF Exa C
  • Weight (empty): approx. 125 kg
  • Overall dimensions (overall dimensions of hood): W 1176 mm × H 746 mm × D 306 mm

Primary side

  • Max. operating temperature: TO max: 95 °C
  • Max. operating pressure: PO max: 3 bar
  • Primary pump I: Laing E6-PWMS 25/180
  • Primary pump II: Wilo Stratos Para 25/1-12 (180mm)
  • Nominal width of connecting pipes: Rp 1 ½" inner thread

Secondary side

  • Max. operating temperature: TO max: 95 °C
  • Max. operating pressure: PO max: 10 bar
  • DN15 safety valve (intrinsic safety) with 10 bar discharge pressure
  • Circulation pump: Wilo Stratos Para Z 25 / 1-8 (180mm)
  • Nominal width of connecting cables:
    • HW / CW: Rp 1 ½" inner thread
    • Circulation: Rp 1" inner thread

Electrical connection data

  • Mains voltage: 230 VAC ± 10 %
  • Mains frequency: 50...60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 14 - 440 W
  • Controller protection: 2 AT
  • Protection type: IP 40


  • Designer hood made from galvanized sheet metal, powder-coated
  • Pipes: 1.4404
  • Heat exchanger: 1.4401 SVGW
  • Heat exchanger solder: Copper 99.9 %
  • Valves: Brass or plastic, approved for drinking water
  • Seals: AFM 34

Flow Media

  • Heating water (VDI 2035; SIA Directive 384/1; ONORM H 5195-1)
  • Cold water (DIN 1988-200:2012-05)

Building categories

  • Apartment blocks, multiple dwelling units
  • Residential care facilities and hospitals
  • Administration and service buildings
  • Hotels and restaurants, industrial kitchens
  • School buildings and sports facilities
  • Commercial and industrial buildings, industrial facilities
  • Facilities with partial use – for example barracks, camping sites, etc.

Type Overview

TacoTherm Fresh Exa C (TacoTherm Fresh 120)

Fresh hot water station for large systems
Order no. Heat exchanger type Thermal insulation
273.5530.000 Copper-soldered no
273.5530.382 Copper-soldered yes
273.5531.000 Nickel-soldered no
273.5531.382 Nickel-soldered yes