TacoTherm Fresh Mega Connect

Fresh hot water station for hygienically heating drinking water in accordance with the continuous flow principle with innovative pump and regulation technology


The TacoTherm Fresh Mega Connect fresh hot water station is used for heating drinking water on demand in accordance with the cyclical principle in conjunction with a storage tank for existing and new heating systems, wood-burning boilers, heat pumps and solar systems. The station replaces the storage of hot drinking water in an additional storage unit and thus provides a high degree of protection against Legionella by avoiding water stagnation.



  • Simple and fast commissioning thanks to innovative pump and regulation technology
  • Valves and components are fully preassembled and wired ready for connection


  • Integrated safety subassembly, soft-close valves, components and materials suitable for use with drinking water


  • Choice of models with and without circulating pump


  • Use of cutting-edge pump technology as well as high transmission performance and low pressure loss thanks to optimized piping


  • Drinking water is heated to the defined dispensing temperature in the TacoTherm Fresh Mega Connect in accordance with the continuous flow principle. The integrated heat exchanger is supplied with as little hot water from the storage tank as is required to maintain a constant dispensing temperature.
  • Cutting-edge pump technology is used with wireless connection to the regulating components.
  • Setpoints can be adjusted for domestic hot water and circulation directly at the pumps using simple menu guidance. The station comes in a choice of models with and without circulating pump.

Technical Data


  • TacoTherm Fresh Mega Connect controller with Wireless Connect
  • Weight (empty): 16.5 – 19 kg
  • Overall dimensions (incl. hood): W 470 mm × H 685 mm × D 191 mm

Primary side

  • Operating temperature TO max: 95 °C
  • Operating pressure PO max: 10 bar
  • Primary pump: Grundfos ALPHA2 FWM

Secondary side
Modules on secondary side with drinking water certifications

  • Operating temperature TO max: 85 °C
  • Operating pressure PO max: 10 bar
  • Safety valve (intrinsic safety): 10 bar discharge pressure and 9 bar closing pressure
  • Circulation pump: Grundfos ALPHA2 DHW

Electrical connection data

  • Mains voltage: 230 VAC ± 10 %
  • Mains frequency: 50...60 Hz
  • Power consumption: max. 80 W
  • Protection type: IP 40


  • Base plate: Galvanized sheet steel
  • Rear panel and hood: EPP design insulation
  • Pumps:
    • Primary: PPS
    • Secondary: PPS (plastic, approved for drinking water)
  • Valve housing: Brass
  • Pipes: DN 20 stainless steel 1.4404
  • Plate heat exchanger:
    • Plates and connector pieces:Stainless steel 1.4401
    • Heat exchanger solder: 99.99 % copper (stainless steel solder model available on request)
  • Seals: AFM flush seal

Flow Media

  • Heating water (VDI 2035; SWKI BT 102-01; ÖNORM H 5195–1)
  • Cooling water (DIN 1988-7)

Building categories

  • Apartment blocks
  • Housing estates
  • Multiple dwelling units
  • Smaller public buildings
  • Facilities with partial use – for example barracks, camping sites, etc.

Type Overview

TacoTherm Fresh Mega Connect and Mega Connect C

Fresh hot water station
Order no. Rp " Version Equipment
273.6624.000 1" IT C With circulating pump
272.6024.000 1" IT Without circulating pump