NovaMaster RF

The NovaStat room thermostats are the masterminds of distribution technology. They control the NovaDrive and TopDrive actuators as required. In this way, room temperatures can be individually adjusted and heating costs can be saved. Reduction of the room temperature by only 1 °C means a reduction of heating costs by about 6 %. The wide product range, designed with price and performance in mind, offers a solution for every need. Together with the expandable NovaMaster connecting modules, the room thermostats can also master complex requirements. Both NovaStat and NovaMaster are available as cable and radio versions.


  • Connecting module for radio connection with room thermostats
  • Electrical connection of actuators


  • Module design: Connecting modules can be plugged together
  • NovaMaster EL Timer permits the programming of two time groups
  • Module available with pump logic
  • Control of 24 V actuators by the NovaMaster EL Basic possible using transformer
  • Unambiguous connection of thermostats and actuators
  • Direct wall installation or installation on DIN rail
  • LED function control
  • Silent
  • Wear-free
  • Energy-saving
  • NovaMaster RF Logic for the individual programming of separate zones
  • Module always with pump logic


  • See installation instructions


  • Housing: ABS-PC


  • Orderly wiring of actuators near the manifold
  • Reception of radio signals from room thermostats

Type Overview

NovaMaster RF Logic

Connecting module for six room thermostats and 24 actuators normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO), Radio version (868 MHz), < 10 mW; programmable timer function for nine fixed and twelve user-defined programmes, intelligent temperature control system, active antenna and receiver; Expandable with NovaMaster RF SlaveBox; Protection class II, IP 30
Order no. Switch output Version Number of zones
258.9317.000 2 x separate potential-free Pump circuit max. 8 A 230 V AC 50 Hz ± 10 % integrated Pump logic 6 (max. 4 actuators / zone)

NovaMaster RF SlaveBox

Expansion module for four zones, connectible to NovaMaster RF Logic For four additional room thermostats and their actuators normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO), radio version (868 MHz), <10 mW Protection class II, IP 30
Order no. Version Number of zones
258.9319.000 230 V AC 50 Hz, with LEDs 4 (max. 4 actuators/zone)

NovaMaster Mini

For actuators normally closed (NC), single channel receiver (868 MHz), two actuators can be directly connected in parallel; For the room thermostats NovaStat RF Basic, NovaStat RF Digital and NovaStat RF Week; Protection class II, IP 30
Order no. Switch output Version
206.1659.000 Receiver Relay 12 A, 250 V AC max. Receiver 230 V