The TacoSys heating circuit manifolds from Taconova ensure the perfect distribution of heat throughout the entire house.


Thanks to their innovative technology, TacoSys heating circuit manifolds work reliably and according to requirements, and are particularly cost-saving.
The manifold valves are ready to accept Taconova actuators.
The manual control valves enable reproducible, manual flow regulation.
Different valve settings result in different flow volumes. They thus guaran-tee individual regulation of the room temperature, precisely tailored to the requirements of your customers.
The vent valves TacoVent Vent caters for fully automatic ventilation of supply and return, thus enhancing operating safety and user convenience.
Whether for use with underfloor hea­ting or radiators, TacoSys offers you high-quality manifold systems that satisfy every customer need.
The underfloor heating manifolds are supplied fully pre-assembled and ready-for-connection, in a robust, non­slip cardboard packing case.
The high-quality stainless steel manifold is available in different versions, making it the ideal solution for hea-ting systems of any type. Designed for between two and twelve heating circuits, it meets every requirement in terms of efficiency and durability.


  • Lightweight, modern and robust stainless steel manifold bars
  • Balancing with the proven TopMeter in supply or return circuit
  • Cone-shaped valve form for fine flow adjustment
  • Handwheel positioning with ratchet function for reproducible flow control
  • Ventilation with the fully automatic TacoVent Vent air vent
  • Glass-fiber reinforced plastic stay for sound-damping assembly
  • 100% leakage test


Manifold supply and return bars are connected to the heating system. The heating/cooling circuits can be connected to the two to twelve Eurocone outlets easily using the optional fittings.
The designed flow volume is set for each circuit at the TopMeter.
Handwheel or room thermostats with actuators ensure comfortable conditions in individual rooms.


TopDrive and NovaDrive electro-thermal actuators, room thermostats and distribution cabinets: See separate datasheets.

Technical Data

  • Medium temperature: -10 °C to + 70 °C
  • Operating pressure PO max:
    • TacoSys High End: 6 bar
    • TacoSys Connect: 8 bar
  • Display accuracy: ±10% of final value
  • kVS values and measuring range see „pressure loss diagram“
  • Heating circuit connections: ¾" eurocone


  • Bars: Stainless steel
  • Internal parts: Nickel-plated brass, heat-resistant and impact-proof plastics
  • Seals: EPDM O-rings
  • Securing brackets: Plastic, glass fiber-reinforced

Flow Media

  • Heating water (VDI 2035; SWKI BT 102-01; ÖNORM H 5195–1)
  • Water free of chemical additives

Building categories

  • Apartment blocks, housing estates, multiple dwelling units
  • Residential care facilities and hospitals
  • Administration and service buildings
  • Hotels and restaurants, industrial kitchens
  • School buildings and sports facilities
  • Commercial and industrial buildings

Type Overview

TacoSys High End / Connect

Heating manifolds, heating circuits with ¾" ball valve
Order no.
Various versions, see data sheet