Taco Family of Companies acquires Taconova

Drawing together building services expertise    

The end of the year saw Taconova facing a major change: the Taco Family of Companies based in Cranston, USA, has acquired the Taconova Group AG. This acquisition is particularly special because Taco is the company that originally founded Taconova, so it brings both companies full circle.

John Hazen White, Jr. (right), Owner and President of the Taco Family of Companies and Christian Muggli (left), CEO and Chairman of the Administrative Board of Osterwalder Zürich AG. 

Taconova has more than 55 years of experience in the development of smart building services solutions. The company was founded in 1961 by John Hazen White Sr., second-generation owner of Taco, originally as a European trading company before it was sold in 1980 to the Guinness Group and later to the Osterwalder Group. Its acquisition by Taco brings Taconova back to the Taco family, and both sides are excited about the many benefits of this amalgamation. 

John Hazen White Jr., Owner and President of the Taco Family of Companies, spoke of his enthusiasm: "We are thrilled to be welcoming Taconova back into the Taco Family. The reputation of the Taconova brand will help further strengthen our presence in Europe, which began in 2015 with the acquisition of Askoll Sei, a world-class manufacturer of high efficiency pumps located in Sandrigo, Italy."

Wil VandeWiel, CEO of the Taco Family of Companies, added: "In addition to providing a strong brand, Taconova will give us access to central and northern European markets and broaden our product offering in the whole of Europe to include valves and systems, add a competence centre for building services solutions, and provide additional manufacturing capacity to support further growth."

Ralph Seewald, CEO of Taconova, also sees the sale as positive: "Being part of the Taco Family again is very exciting for everyone at Taconova. Our shared brand values of convenience, highly efficient solutions that save our customers time and effort, and best-in-class customer support make this a great fit. Taco Comfort Solutions' expertise in engineering, manufacturing and automation, combined with their international distribution channels, will fuel the growth of Taconova into new markets and opportunities." 

The Taco Family of Companies, a third-generation, multinational, family-owned company based in Cranston, Rhode Island, USA, develops and manufactures solutions for heating and cooling systems, as well as sanitation, agricultural and mining applications. The company has sales and manufacturing locations in the USA, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Vietnam, China, South Korea and Hong Kong. For more information about the company, please visit: www.tacocomfort.com



The Taconova Leadership Team is excited to be part of the Taco Family once again and to be able to offer its customers even better service in the future.

From left to right: Philipp Hecht, Director Finance & Supply Chain Taconova, Ralph Seewald, CEO Taconova, Wil VandeWiel, CEO Taco Family of Companies, Luca Bolcati, Managing Director Taco International, Andrin Stump, Head of Innovation and Product Development Taconov



Dates/news – trade fair preview 2018

Taconova will be presenting current highlights at these trade fairs in 2018

Taconova would like to thank all of its customers and partners for their successful collaboration this year, and we look forward to continuing in 2018 with an exciting round of trade fairs. Current product areas and a range of advancements will be exhibited at numerous international trade fairs:

Swissbau, Basel, Switzerland
16-20/01/2018, Hall 1.2, Stand C09

SHK, Essen, Germany
6.-9.3.2018, Hall 1, Stand 1C18

Mostra, Milan, Italy
13-16/03/2018, Hall 9, Stand S22

IFH/Intherm, Nuremberg, Germany
10-13/04/2018, Hall 6, Stand 6.002



Instalacje, Posen, Poland
23-26/04/2018, Hall 5  


At these international trade fairs, you can visit the Taconova stands to experience current highlights and new products, alongside our usual service offering:

Hydronic balancing

Dynamic or static – from the proven TacoSetter Bypass classics right through to the innovative TacoSetter Hyline plastic regulating valve.

Underfloor heating technology

Save time on installation and adjustment – the TacoSys Pro distributor with TacoDrive actuator and TopMeter Plus balancing valve eliminate the need to install separate actuators, save hydronic balancing settings and simplify actuator and room thermostat assignment.

System technology 

Pioneering DHW heating – the TacoTherm Fresh domestic hot water stations range in a new design is suitable for all types of buildings from private homes and apartment blocks right through to hotels and public buildings. Three stations each with a powerful "X" version simplify design and selection.

Valves and accessories

Reliable temperature mixing – the NovaMix Value range of proven thermostatic mixing valves has been extended to include versions with new temperature control ranges.

Taconova at the Swissbau 2018 trade fair: information events for domestic hot water technology – online registration now open

Would you like to find out more about how DHW heating with domestic hot water stations works, when it can be used and how it is designed, or would you simply like to brush up on your knowledge? 

The Taconova team can tell you all about domestic hot water technology in presentations or in person at the Swissbau 2018 trade fair in Basel – with the relevant technology to try out, as well as the latest products.





Congratulations to the competition winners!

Drawing together building services expertise   

In the 7/2017 Newsletter, we had three overnight stays to give away at aquaTurm – the unique tower hotel in Radolfzell on the German shore of Lake Constance.

The winners can look forward to staying in a 46 m² suite on the very top floor – with a whirlpool, panorama steam bath with rainfall effect shower, and much more besides.


Taconova employee Vanessa Meister draws the winners



Application areas – heat interface units for incorporation into 3-pipe and 4-pipe systems

Perfectly regulated heating and DHW convenience even with different system temperatures

Heat interface units supply apartments with individually controllable heating energy and ensure hygienic DHW heating. The units are also ideal for modern energy concepts that combine various types of heat generation or incorporate the use of renewable energy sources. They enable different system temperatures within the energy system. To integrate different flow temperatures to optimum effect, TacoTherm Dual heat interface units are also available in versions for 3-pipe and 4-pipe systems.


In both design and execution, the integration of heat interface units into the heating system is simple: each unit is connected directly to the distribution network or the branch lines. With conventional 2-pipe systems, the same temperature level is available for heat distribution and decentralised domestic hot water heating.


Heating energy supply with high and low temperature circuits

In energy systems with different types of heat generation or in combination with renewable energy sources, heating systems work with various system or flow temperatures. One key element of advanced heating systems – whether mono mode, dual mode or multi mode – is the buffer cylinder, which is used to store the heating energy produced. 

Buffer cylinders work according to the stratification principle. In the top buffer zone, heating water is available at the ideal temperature for DHW heating, while the central buffer zone is generally at the temperature level used to supply the heating system.

Heat interface units for integration into 3 or 4-pipe systems enable use of: 

• the high temperature circuit for instantaneous water heating 


• the low temperature circuit for heating the building


Diversity for all energy concepts 

The overview below shows the configurable versions of the modular TacoTherm Dual Piko heat interface units. It is possible to connect to two separate supply lines with different flow/return temperatures (4-pipe) or with a shared return (3-pipe). 


TacoTherm Dual Piko Connect heat interface unit

3-pipe system: 3-pipe primary (heating)
+ 1-pipe secondary (sanitation/drinking water)

1. Heating: Shared return, high and low temperature circuit
2. Heating: Flow, high temperature circuit (to domestic hot water module)
3. Heating: Flow, low temperature circuit (to underfloor heating module)
4. Sanitation: Supply line, drinking water, cold


4-pipe system: 4-pipe primary (heating)
+ 1-pipe secondary (sanitation/drinking water)

1. Heating: Return, high temperature circuit (from domestic hot water module)
2. Heating: Flow, high temperature circuit (to domestic hot water module)
3. Heating: Flow, low temperature circuit (underfloor heating)
4. Heating: Return, low temperature circuit (underfloor heating)
5. Sanitation: Supply line, drinking water, cold 

In 4-pipe systems (two separate system circuits), there is also another application area if, for example, one of the heat generators is a reversible heat pump. In this case, a heat interface unit can be configured to provide area cooling in summer mode.


Variable control modes for heat distribution

Heat can be distributed either by means of radiators or via an area heating system. Depending on the building and convenience requirements, the TacoTherm Dual Piko heat interface units in the 2-pipe system have weather-compensated and fixed value controlled control modes for heat distribution in the apartment. Flow temperatures are controlled centrally via the heat generator control unit in the versions in the 3 and 4-pipe system.


Domestic hot water modules for optimally controlled DHW convenience

Die TacoTherm Fresh Piko Frischwarmwassermodule sind je nach Anforderung an Subject to control mode and draw-off capacity requirements, TacoTherm Fresh Piko domestic hot water modules are available either in an electronically controlled version or with a proportional flow controller:

The TacoTherm Fresh Piko with electronic pump control version uses flow rate and temperature sensors to ensure the required DHW outlet temperature. Thanks to a high draw-off capacity even at lower heating water temperatures, this version is ideal for use in low temperature heat generators such as heat pumps.

The TacoTherm Fresh Piko proportional flow controller version achieves precision control of the domestic hot water temperature without auxiliary energy, eliminating the need for an additional power supply for the control components. The upstream standby module uses thermostatic bypass control to reduce standby losses. This means that hot water is quickly available at the hot water draw-off points. 



Here's to a happy and successful 2018!

The Taconova team would like to thank you for your trust and support over the last 12 months. We wish you health, happiness and success in the coming year.