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TacoSetter Rondo

TacoSetter Rondo saves on space and impresses with its functional design. It is suitable for direct installation in the flow or return directions of radiators or manifold bars, and enables uncomplicated adjustment of the volume flow without valve tables. With a measuring and control range of 0.6 – 8 l/min it has been designed for systems with small pipe dimensions. No tools are required for the adjustment and subsequent securing of the valves and accessories with a cover.


  • Accurate and quick balancing without diagrams, tables or measuring devices
  • The flow rate is displayed directly in l/min
  • Variable installation position, maintenance-free, compact
  • Regulating valve with isolating facility (rest leakage possible)
  • Self-sealing screw connector
  • Valve adjustment tool integrated in protective cover

TacoSetter Rondo

Balancing valve

Nickel-plated brass; TO max: 100 °C; PO max: 6 bar