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TacoSol Load Tera L

Connection-ready storage loading station for efficient thermal transfer of solar energy with and without dual-zone loading of the storage tank


  • Compact
    • - Equipped with all the necessary valves and components, ideally complements the TacoTherm Fresh Tera C fresh hot water station
  • Secure
    • - Intrinsic safety of the system thanks to an integrated safety subassembly
  • Simple
    • - Station is fully preassembled and supplied with ready-to-connect wiring
  • Efficient
    • - Highly efficient system operation due to permanent air separation, use of high-efficiency pumps as well as maximum solar yield from the roof owing to the possible dual-zone loading of the storage tank

TacoSol Load Tera L (TacoSol Load HE)

Storage tank loading station with high-efficiency pumps


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Anlage-Funktionsanimation Speicherladung 1 mit Heizungsunterstützung

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