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NovaMix Standard

Maintaining constant mixing temperatures and limiting temperatures in hot water systems


  • Constant temperature of the water at the outlet
  • Automatic mixing function without the need for auxiliary power
  • Infinite regulation of the nominal temperature in 2 ranges: 20 – 40 °C / 30 – 70 °C
  • Protection against scalding; the NovaMix Standard 70 FS model closes tightly
  • Special design with anti-scalding device
  • Can be used in panel heating systems and for loading storage tanks by means of solid-fuel boilers

NovaMix Standard 70 / 40 (MT52)

Thermostatic mixing valve for storage water heating unit

NovaMix Standard 70 FR (Fast Response) (MT52)

Thermostatic mixing valve for continuous flow water heating (kVS without check valve)

NovaMix Standard 70 FS (Fail Safe) (MT52)

Thermostatic mixing valve | Special design with anti-scalding protection in the event of failure of the cold water supply for storage water heating (kVS without check valve)