where comfort begins

Comfort begins with simplicity and ease. At Taconova, we offer the combined comfort of  premium quality and simplicity – from informa­tion, planning and ordering to installation, service and maintenance. Our elaborate and reliable solutions bring the comforts which really matter: perfect room and water temperatures – in the right place at the right time. Whether your demand is for private or business premises, industrial settings or public  buildings, Taconova‘s resourceful products prove the right choice for heating or cooling, sani­tary or indoor climate technology applications. Live a comfortable life. Begin with Taconova.


For almost 50 years our name has been synonymous with continuous simplification and development of new innovative solutions in the area of facility management.

When it comes to hydronic balancing, distributor technology, system technology and solar thermal energy, the Taconova Group offers a well-rounded range of products for the heating and plumbing sector under the Taconova brand.
Taconova helps reduce energy costs, making maintenance work unnecessary and using reliable technology to benefit the environment.


Taconova's services and products make it easier for you to install and operate your heating and solar systems.

This principle has enabled the company to grow continuously since 1961, now providing 160 jobs and training places worldwide. Our numerous agents ensure that Taconova products are known on every continent.
There are clear reasons for the growing international demand: first-class quality, reliable service and committed staff who really care about your business.


Whether you are looking for a one-off product or a system solution, our extensive range is sure to include the right technical answer to your needs.

We can offer you products tailored to your specific market from a single source. All our parts complement one another and guarantee maximum performance that will also impress your customers. Our range supports the cost-efficient use of valuable thermal energy. This will give you the certainty that you are doing something good for the environment, while at the same time ensuring the comfort of your customers.


Taconova only uses top-quality materials from selected suppliers with great care and technical precision.

That is why Taconova products are synonymous with long service life and corresponding guarantee services.  With their great reliability, ingenious, low-maintenance technology and an excellent price/performance ratio, Taconova products impress planners, wholesalers, fitters and, last but not least, end customers. You can rely on Taconova products. Now and in future.


Our in-house development department is constantly coming up with new patents, ensuring that our range will also be ready to meet the demands of the future.

The Setter Bypass balancing fitting, the original hydronic balancing unit, is an excellent example of our inventiveness.  The valve sets the highest standards in terms of convenient installation and operation.
Other top solutions are our fresh water and storage loading stations. Both of these are among the absolute leaders when it comes to making the best possible use of solar energy.


  • Quality: Top-quality products with a certified quality assurance system according to DIN/ISO 9001 and IQNet
  • Planning aids and expert telephone advice with professional, international customer service
  • Reduced planning effort: An end-to-end range of compatible, well-coordinated products
  • Maintenance-free/low-maintenance products
  • New technologies and products for alternative energy forms
  • Taconova operates a code of conduct in which the company's ethical principles are set down
  • This also applies to all key suppliers