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Customer information COVID-19

Taconova is taking the situation around the coronavirus (COVID-19) very seriously.

The safety and health of our employees, customers and suppliers are our top priority.

The Taconova management team consults on a daily basis to assess the impact of this crisis on our employees, operations, supply chain and customers in order to take appropriate action. Detailed information on preventive actions, deliveries and customer service at Taconova can be found here.

Lots of news on Taconova pump technology

All pumps are driven by proven permanent magnet synchronous motors, which ensure very quiet and safe operation.

The square design facilitates the automatic detection of air in the system, whilst AutoUnlock, the automatic anti-seizing function, uses vibrations to loosen dirt deposits that have settled in the pumps.

With the active-Adapt function in the TacoFlow2 Adapt, the respective load of the pump is stored every 30 minutes and its speed is automatically adapted to the ambient conditions. Easy-to-read LED displays provide clear information about the pumps' operating status.

The new TacoFlow2 eLink makes it possible to control, read, decode, log, store, e-mail and much more. Wireless and intuitive to use, the new Taconova eLink APP for smartphone and tablet, in exchange with the associated pump, allows the finest adjustment options and provides all relevant information on its operation.

The pumps now have a "Plug & Play" plug connection, which makes initial assembly and replacement quick and easy.

In our brochure you will find a lot of further information and a product overview or data sheets for all new circulation pumps can be found here.


Home office at Taconova

Due to the current situation around the coronavirus and for the safety of everyone involved, Taconova has decided the following:

  • Effective immediately and wherever possible, Taconova team members will work from home
  • The telephones of the service teams will be transferred, all other employees can be contacted via email
  • The email addresses are
  • If you do not have a contact name, you may contact us via
  • Your email will be forwarded internally

We aim to keep up all our services, thank you for support and stay safe and healthy.

Best wishes,

Your Taconova team

A Business with Tradition

For almost 60 years, our name has been synonymous with continuous simplification and the development of innovative solutions in the area of facility management.

When it comes to hydronic balancing, valves & accessories, pump technology, area heating and system technology, Taconova offers a comprehensive range for the heating and sanitary sector. 
Taconova helps reduce energy costs, eliminate the need for maintenance work and contribute to environmental protection with reliable technology.

Taconova’s products, systems and services facilitate the installation and operation of your heating, sanitary and solar thermal systems. 

Taconova’s products, systems and services facilitate the installation and operation of your heating, sanitary and solar thermal systems. 
This principle has enabled the company to grow continuously, worldwide, since 1961. Today, Taconova products are known across the globe. 
There are clear reasons for this growing international demand: top quality, reliable service and committed staff who constantly strive to deliver outstanding customer care.