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100 years Taco.
Cheryl Merchant is promoted to CEO of Taco Family of Companies.


The pump range is remarketed in Europe under the Taconova brand and the name TacoFlow.
The TacoFlow2 eLink and TacoFlow3 Max Pro go on exhibition at the ISH 2019 trade fair.
The new Taconova website goes live.


The Taco pump range is distributed by Taconova in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and the Czech Republic.
A new ERP system is introduced.


Two new patent-pending products, the TacoDrive (actuator valve) and TopMeter Plus (balancing valve), make their début at the ISH 2017 trade fair.
Taconova takes over the exclusive distribution of FlowCon dynamic balancing valves in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
Taconova Poland is founded.
In November 2017, Taco Inc., Cranston (USA), buys back Taconova.


Taconova launches the TacoSetter Hyline plastic balancing valve, as well as the TacoTherm Mega2 and TacoTherm Fresh Peta domestic hot water stations, alongside the TacoTherm Dual Nano heat interface unit.
In April, the company moves to its new offices in the Osterwalder Tower at Neunbrunnenstrasse 40 in Zurich (Switzerland).


The TacoTherm Dual Piko is presented at the ISH trade fair, the TacoVent range of air vent valves is expanded and dirt separators are added.
The sales company in France is closed.


At the ISH, Taconova exhibits the TacoTherm Dual home interface unit, which combines domestic hot water heating with heat distribution.


Taconova launches three innovative system technology solutions: the TacoSol Load 240 storage loading station and the TacoTherm Fresh 15 and TacoTherm Fresh 120 fresh water stations.
A sales office is opened in Poland.


OSTACO AG in Urdorf has been renamed and is now known as the Taconova Group AG.
The enterprise focuses more on growth and invests specifically in development, product management and sales staff. A new CI/CD underlines the company's new direction.


New electrothermal "Topdrive" drive mechanism and expansion of the solar area with the MegaFresh fresh water station and the MegaSphere storage loading station.


We round off our range for hydronic balancing in solar thermal energy with the Bypass Solar and Bypass HT setters.


As new countries join the EU, a sales office is opened in Prague, Czech Republic.

The new TACOSOL solar station heralds the solar thermal era for Ostaco AG. The division undergoes cyclical yet constant growth, representing long-term market development with great potential benefits for mankind and the environment.
Founding of the new sales company, Taconova France Sarl. We market the full range for France and Belgium operating out of Alsace.


LAMACO AG in England becomes a new sales company, Taconova UK Ltd. The organization takes over responsibility for sales in Great Britain and Ireland.


We sell the industrial valves division to concentrate on our core competence of facility management. We introduce the Bypass SD setter in the same year. This patented new development sets new standards for the hydronic balancing of heating systems without additional measurement devices.


The strong market growth in Germany leads to the founding of TACONOVA GmbH in Singen. German TACONOVA GmbH is one of the first foreign subsidiaries of OSTACO AG since the takeover by the AVIA Group. In addition to efficient sales, proximity to the customer, service, flexibility and product safety are the main arguments for TACONOVA customers. TACONOVA enjoys a good reputation as a problem solver, particularly in Germany. As a permanent partner for a wide variety of target groups, our subsidiary specializes in individual customer support in this important market.


We establish a subsidiary, OSTACO s.r.o., in Velesin, Czech Republic. Under Swiss/Czech management, this assembly plant is still responsible for final production today. Individual parts are combined to produce valves, modules, etc. All finished parts are finally inspected and sent to the central dispatch location in Singen, Germany, for worldwide shipping.


As part of market expansion efforts, LAMACO Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of OSTACO AG, is founded in England.


The takeover of Taco Armaturen AG by AVIA Osterwalder AG and the simultaneous use of the TACO brand give rise to the new company name, OSTACO AG.


Thermal energy and heating technology form a successful combination. In order to diversify, create synergies and pool resources, AVIA Osterwalder AG, Zurich, takes over the previous Taco Armaturen AG. The Taconova brand is created, based on the name of the old parent company.


The extensive expansion of the company leads to the relocation of the company headquarters from Altstetten to Urdorf, Switzerland.
The Topmeter® is developed and successfully launched on the market.


A second "classic" product in the TACONOVA range hits the market: the Setter Bypass – the original.


The second takeover: As part of a management buy-out, a Swiss investor takes over Taco Armaturen AG. In addition to the further modification of the American products, the company begins not only improving the technical aspects of its goods, but also the development of separate products especially for the European market. This gives rise to the Setter Inline, an innovative and extremely popular product that is still a permanent fixture in the product range.


The first change of ownership: This year, the internationally renowned Guinness Group takes over Taco Armaturen AG. The manufacture of products is moved to Toper Boots in Liskeard, England. However company headquarters remain in Switzerland.
The subsidiary in Hoppetenzell, Germany, is closed.


The product range is extended. The company takes over the industrial valves business of Wirth AG in Basle. This necessitates a change in the company's name. The company takes on a new name, Taco Armaturen AG.


As a result of its steady growth, the company moves to Altstetten, Zurich (Switzerland). Production of the modified products is moved to Glattbrugg (Switzerland).
In order to cater to strong demand in Germany, an assembly business, Taco Heizungen GmbH, is established as a subsidiary near the Swiss-German border in Hoppetenzell, Stockach.


The American products are adapted to European standards for the European market. This requires constructive modifications and separate procurement and production structures. Separate continuous developments that were successful from the outset and that are still popular on the market are: Airscoop, Taco Vent, Taco Hy-Vent, Taco mixing valves, Taco room thermostats, etc. Numerous products are patented.


Taco Heizungen AG is founded. As a trading company, the business employs five people to begin with and sets up shop at Militärstrasse in Zurich (Switzerland). The aim was to market the products manufactured by TACO Inc., Cranston USA, for the European market.