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Here is an overview of the ten most frequently asked questions about area heating.

Area heating systems - (TacoSys HighEnd)

1. Is hydronic balancing possible with this manifold?
Yes, as our "TopMeter" balancing valves are already located in the respective heating circuits. (You can select the TopMeter flow or return.)

2. Does the system have to be drained if the sight glass needs replacing?
No, the sight glass can be replaced with the system under pressure thanks to the shut-off function offered by our TopMeter valves.

3. Is venting possible with this manifold?
Yes, because there is an air vent assembly in both the flow and return, which makes automatic venting possible by means of special swelling washers in the valve insert.

4. Does the system have to be drained if the air vent valve insert needs replacing?
No, the valve insert (including gasket and swelling washers) can be replaced during operation thanks to an automatic check valve built into the air vent valve.

5. Which ball valve sizes are available?
The manifolds can be delivered with a ¾" ball valve as well as with a 1" ball valve.

6. What does the range of supplementary options include?
Actuators, room thermostats, connection modules, manifold cabinets, heat meter sets, mixing stations. (Everything is available from one source.)

7. How is the manifold drained/filled?
The manifold is drained and filled by means of integral fill & drain valves.

8. What sound insulation options does the manifold offer?
GFK-reinforced plastic brackets with additional rubber elements for sound-absorbing installation.

9. How can adjustments be made?
If no actuator is available, adjust manually with the setting wheel for a reproducible setting.
Otherwise adjust at the TopMeter.

10. What material are the manifolds made of?
The manifolds are made of light, modern and robust stainless steel.


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