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Deep focus on your needs

As service providers, we have been designing, producing and optimizing OEM products for facilities management for over 30 years. Leading manufacturers in the solar and heating industry trust in our reliability, competence, quality and high-performance infrastructure. Engineering, design, laboratory, test bench and prototyping are concentrated in the group's headquarters in Switzerland. This enables us to implement innovative ideas for you quickly and simply.

Your requirements are the starting point for our partnership. Your needs are at the center of our efforts. That's why we offer everything from a single source, from finding ideas, product development and differentiated product design to flexible production and technical support.

From a single source

Taconova offers you individual advice, development and planning, the production of high-quality products, prompt delivery and reliable service readiness, including the fastest possible delivery of replacement parts. The highly committed collaboration between all our employees enables us to meet our high product quality standards and to satisfy our customers' expectations - put us to the test.

As an OEM customer

  • your needs are the focus of all our efforts
  • you can expect a high degree of quality and innovation
  • we can offer you tailor-made, high-quality solutions
  • you will experience a long-term relationship based on partnership
  • we offer you full service
    • with personal support
    • with individual technical advice
    • with efficient order fulfillment
    • and competent customer service

Your benefits

  • Time-saving thanks to fast, easy and uncomplicated handling
  • Differentiation in the market thanks to product and design concept made specifically with you in mind
  • Low service costs thanks to product quality leading to higher potential sales and profits