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TacoFlow2 eLink: Improving the present to shape the future.

A new level of intelligence characterises our latest products. This is reflected in state of the art technology coupled with clever, user friendly features, which further facilitates the work to be done and optimises entire processes.

TacoFlow2 eLink with app. Everything in view, everything under control. Control, check, categorise, log, save, email and much more. Wirelessly, of course, and completely intuitive to use. Our new Taconova eLink app for smartphone and tablet communicates with the respective, newly developed pump, to allow the finest adjustment options while providing all relevant information regarding its operation.

The TacoFlow2 eLink video provides more information on:
-    Wireless operation and setting via eLink app 
-    Min-Max operating mode: continuous adjustment of fixed speed
-    9 constant pressure curves / 9 proportional pressure curves
-    activeADAPT
-    Overview of settings 
-    Possibility to lock circulator 
-    Send commissioning report of each circulator to your designated e-mail address
-    Diagnosis of operating hours, shutdowns, energy consumption and faults 
-    Language selection and setting of units of measurement for flow and head 

Download the free TacoFlow2 eLink app here: