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System technology

The demand for universal solutions in building services is greater than ever. Connection-ready heat interface units, storage loading and solar energy stations from Taconova are highly evolved systems employing state-of-the-art technology. Taconova quality products are assembled from carefully selected, tried-and-tested products to create perfectly functioning standard units. The ready-to-use complete solutions simplify and accelerate planning and assembly stages. In everyday use they guarantee reliable operation, reduce maintenance to a minimum and optimize energy costs. Taconova adheres consistently to the system concept: the heat interface units, solar and storage loading stations can be combined ideally. The energy storage system for supplying heat and domestic hot water is the centerpiece of the heating system. The solar energy transmitted via the solar and storage loading stations is stored here and can be transferred at floor level either by means of centralised or decentralised heat interface units (domestic hot water and heating energy).