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Full support in every project phase with the TN Comfort System.


With the TN Comfort System, you receive exactly the support you need in every project phase. Find out what to expect in the individual phases of PLAN TECH CARE in the video or below, with detailed information on each planning and implementation step.

... with the planning consultant team and discover what the tn comfort system has to offer you!


The team of specification consultants advises you right from start in planning efficient heat and domestic hot water supply systems.

The Taconova specification consultants support you with:

  • Compliance with national regulations 
  • Selection of the most economical overall system
  • Determination of the domestic hot water demand
  • Design planning of the pipework system
  • Hydraulic integration and storage tank dimensioning
  • Integration into the building automation system

For your specific project you will receive:

  • Calculation of domestic hot water demand
  • Storage dimensioning
  • Gross price offer

For your digital planning process, the data is available on many platforms and in many software solutions. Taconova is your planning partner for your tender.


The team of specification consultants supports you in finding the right technical solution.

Every building is unique, every property has its own specific requirements. The Taconova specification consultant team supports you in finding the right solution for your building project. In doing so, the team can draw on a wide variety of centralised and decentralised Heat Interface Units.
Coming soon: matching buffer storage tanks and system pump groups.

Decentralised Heat Interface Units

Decentralised DHW heating for all cases

  • Hydraulically or electronically controlled
  • As a gas boiler replacement
  • For indirect heat supply
  • NEW with hybrid function
  • All electronically controlled variants are ready for integration into the building automation system
  • Compact, combined and ready-to-connect systems

TacoTherm Dual Piko PM

TacoTherm Fresh/Dual Nano

TacoTherm Dual Piko Smart Connect

TacoTherm Dual Piko Smart Hybrid

TacoTherm H 3000E

TacoTherm Fresh Nano2

Central Heat Interface Units

Central DHW heating is smart, efficient and scalable

  • Up to 500 l/min flow rate capacity thanks to cascading
  • Efficiency gain thanks to circulation modules and return stratification
  • Ready for integration into the building automation system

TacoTherm Fresh Mega3 (X)

TacoTherm Fresh Peta2 (X)

Central Circulation Stations

Central storage management

  • Storage management via circulation modules and return stratification

TacoTherm Circ Mega / Peta


Taconova supports you and your contacts during commissioning, service und support.

Support with

  • Project tracking: The specification consultant team keeps an eye on the construction progress and delivery dates
  • Commissioning for your partners by the Taconova team
  • Integration into the building automation system:The Taconova team supports you in integrating the HIUs into your existing system
  • Service, not only during commissioning: The Taconova team is also there for you if questions arise during operation
  • Training on technologies and products: The Taconova team will train you as required
  • Second Level Support: Your partners are our partners. The Taconova team supports your team on site
  • Wireless metering, billing, data capture: a cost efficient and clean solution for refurbished/new schemes. Eliminating the necessity of additional wiring and labour costs

Questions? We are here for you!

Our planning consultant team is available for you from Monday to Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Patrick Freudenreich

Team Leader Project Business Taconova GmbH (DE)


New efficient ways of renovating gas boiler heating systems against the background of the gas crisis..


Contact me:
T +49 7731 982862
M +49 1511 7026631 

Kai Guggenmoser

Planner consultant Taconova GmbH (DE)


Maximum efficiency in the smallest of spaces: How cascade solutions in the area of domestic hot water stations run even more efficiently.


Contact me:
T +49 7731 982863
M +49 1511 7026595

Stefan Radevic

Planner consultant Taconova Group (CH)



Design and use of centralised and decentralised Heat Interface Units: hygienic and energy-efficient solutions for Swiss buildings.


Contact me:
T +41 44 735 55 68
M +41 79 959 54 48

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