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Customer information COVID-19

Zurich, March 23rd, 2020

Dear Business Partner

The coronavirus (COVID-19) situation has changed the face of the world significantly over the past days and weeks. The situation is still very fluid and countries across the globe are taking drastic measures to flatten the infection curve and to protect their people as well as the local health systems.
Taconova, as part of the Taco Family of companies is taking the situation very seriously. We have been closely monitoring the respective government announcements for updates and guidelines. The safety and health of our workforce and the support of the social distancing measures are our top priority. Our Senior TACO Leadership Team and the Taconova management team have been holding daily meetings to manage the impact of these guidelines on our employees, operations, supply chain, and customers.


Preventive Actions We Have Taken

In order to minimize infection across the workforce and to secure our manufacturing and supply capabilities as much as possible we took the following measures over the past weeks:

  • Extensive international and local travel restrictions
  • Strong preventive hygiene and safety measures in all our locations incl. increased sanitizing, distance between employees, separation of shifts, separation within shifts, fixed groups in productions lines etc.
  • Access restrictions and protocols to all our facilities
  • Minimizing in person meetings internally and externally
  • Maximum home office / smart work schedules for all functions possible


Supply Chain & Inventory Status:

The impact on our supply chain changes daily. This leads to uncertainties as our suppliers have to adapt their processes and logistics to the new conditions and the respective governmental restrictions.
Since the beginning of the crisis, we have been in close contact with our suppliers and logistics providers. They provide us with regular updates.
The closure of production companies in Italy announced on March 22nd, 2020, further worsens the situation. Taconova is checking its current stock status for both individual parts and finished products again. At this point in time, temporary delivery interruptions cannot be ruled out. Where we have bottlenecks and where it is technically feasible, we are trying to procure individual parts from alternative suppliers in order to shorten the time to delivery. As mentioned above, we are in very close contact with our suppliers and logistics providers to ensure that deliveries to Taconova remain a priority for them.


Customer Service / Sales Administration:

No matter the level of restrictions and work-from-home requirements, please know that we are committed to providing you the best service possible. All of your Sales Administration Personal and Account Managers are fully functional working from home. The best way to contact them is via their personal email or via, in this case your email will be forwarded to the responsible person quickly. You can also reach them via the known direct phone numbers and/or via Skype for business.
We appreciate your understanding during these difficult times and are ready to assist you in any way we can. Please stay safe and stay healthy.