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Smart and highly efficient

Extended range of circulation pumps

Comfortable and highly efficient solutions that save time and effort — thanks to the merger with the Taco Family of Companies, the Taconova portfolio now includes high efficiency circulators, a proven yet innovative technology developed and refined over many years. "Pump technology" is now an additional area of expertise complementing the existing hydronic balancing, area heating systems, system technology and valves & accessories.

At the ISH 2019 Taconova presented the circulator range under the new “TacoFlow” name and packaging. In addition new circulators with smart functions and exciting features were introduced to the market. TacoFlow circulators not only convince with their high technical standard and outstanding energy efficiency but also with their compactness and versatility — from classic heating to solar thermal and hot water circulation.


Innovative circulation pumps for large output ranges

The new TacoFlow3 Max and TacoFlow3 Max Pro high-efficiency circulators extend the range to all-in-one solutions for heating, cooling and solar applications covering larger output ranges. Like all Taconova circulation pumps, TacoFlow 3 Max and TacoFlow3 Max Pro feature a permanent magnet synchronous motor, guaranteeing quiet operation even in higher power ranges. The circulator is easily and safely connected electrically with the Taconova plug. Since the connector is identical in all products it is easy to replace the circulator.




TacoFlow 3 Max Pro with additional features 

TacoFlow3 Max Pro offers an additional mode and functions compared to the standard version. The desired minimum and maximum speed can be set continuously and five proportional pressure and constant pressure curves can be selected instead of just two. They can be controlled by an external signal such as PWM or 0-10V. All settings and operating data are conveniently shown on the colour LED display, making installation and maintenance of the pump much easier.


Further information on the circulation pump range can be found here or in our product brochure.

Date: 12/2019

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