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TacoTherm Fresh Nano2: Fast and cost-effective conversion of gas heating systems

Around four million gas floor heating systems are currently still in use in Germany - and therefore outdated heating technology, which is driving up the cost and supply risk enormously, especially in the ongoing gas crisis. With the TacoTherm Fresh Nano2, Taconova is presenting a sustainable solution at SHK Essen 2024 on how a decentralized heat and hot water supply with outdated gas heating systems can be converted to a modern central heat supply without major renovation work in the apartments. Specially designed for switching to renewable energy sources, the new gas boiler replacement device from Taconova makes domestic hot water preparation and heating supply not only climate-friendly, but also significantly more energy efficient and cost-saving. TacoTherm Fresh Nano2 is now available for tenders.

No matter which heat source is chosen: the ready-to-connect TacoTherm Fresh Nano2 gas boiler replacement device from Taconova is a true all-rounder. Existing gas wall boilers that are installed decentrally in apartments can be quickly and easily replaced with the compact hydraulic unit. The modular station heats drinking water using the flow principle and regulates the hot water outlet temperature without auxiliary energy via a proportional flow controller. In addition, TacoTherm Fresh Nano2 distributes the heating water to the heating surfaces of radiators or underfloor heating.
The compact design of the TacoTherm Fresh Nano2 – available on a base plate, with different transmission capacities and with designer casing as desired – simplifies planning. The high level of prefabrication makes installation easier and saves assembly time. Annual maintenance is recommended, but involves significantly less effort than with a gas boiler. The high quality of the individual components such as: B. ball valves, valves, heat exchangers, dirt traps and taps for filling and draining guarantee reliable operation.

Pre-assembled apartment transfer station for drinking water and apartment heating

“We have designed our new TacoTherm Fresh Nano2 gas boiler replacement device specifically for switching to central heat supply with renewable heat sources. With dimensions of H800 x W447 x D117 mm, it is particularly compact and meets the special requirements for renovation in residential construction in terms of dimensions and function,” explains René Freudrich, Head of Product Management at Taconova. Thanks to the device's high transmission capacity, the building can easily be supplied centrally via a heat pump - if the building envelope allows it - or other renewable energy sources. This means great flexibility and cost savings because the decentralized gas boilers with their gas distribution lines and meters, which are spread over several floors, only have to be replaced with a single heat source. The primary energy stored centrally in the buffer storage heats the heating water; This heat energy is then led to the individual TacoTherm Fresh Nano2 stations in the apartments via the distribution lines installed in the former exhaust chimney. By using the existing chimney as a supply shaft for installing the distribution pipes, the renovation work and thus the burden on the residents is reduced to a minimum. Gas pipes and gas meters as a risk and cost factor have become superfluous; the space of the meters can be reused. The new device functions both as a transfer and exchange station. “The change is happening quickly. The burden of construction work on the residents is reduced to a minimum,” says Freudrich.


Strong performance: Powerful plate heat exchanger reduces flow temperature

The new gas boiler replacement device TacoTherm Fresh Nano2 impresses with its particularly strong performance. “The station is available with two different sized, powerful plate heat exchangers. Thanks to low transmission losses, they ensure high utilization of the flow temperatures provided. So can e.g. For example, a drinking water temperature of 45 degrees can be easily provided even in summer with a low flow temperature. In comparison, smaller or less high-quality plate heat exchangers require a higher heating flow temperature from the heat generator in order to achieve the desired degree of heat,” explains René Freudrich. The high performance of the TacoTherm Fresh Nano2 significantly improves the energy requirements of a building in combination with insulation measures on the building envelope.

Optimal support with the TN Comfort System

With TacoTherm Fresh Nano2, Taconova has expanded its “TN Comfort System” service and technology portfolio with another smart solution for planning efficient heat and drinking water supply. “With the Plan – Tech – Care building blocks, we provide those responsible with competent and comprehensive support in every phase of planning and help to find the right solution for every construction project,” explains Patrick Freudenreich, head of project business at Taconova. Planners and housing associations benefit from individual consulting services, practical tools and new intelligent system solutions in the area of apartment handover and fresh hot water technology. When sizing the pipes as well as the storage design and calculation of the new gas boiler replacement device, the team of consultants can, for example: B. support with newly developed planning software. “TacoTherm Fresh Nano2 is ideal for the uncomplicated conversion of apartment buildings. With its product features, our gas boiler replacement device makes the work of planners and installers alike easier,” says Freudenreich.