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60 years of Taconova

Do you remember the 60s? A time of upheaval, social change and ground breaking inventions... and the beginning of the Taconova success story.

Short videos celebrate the individual decades, showing what moved the world, how Taconova comfort solutions developed successfully and how they still provide warmth and comfort today. The short journey through time also shows the people behind the products and how Taco first became Ostaco and finally Taconova.

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Celebrate with the Taconova team, we look forward to it!

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Firma & Menschen


Taconova in the 60s


Change, movement, reshaping: the "wild" sixties are a time of transformation from the very beginning. The building of the Berlin Wall, the Kennedy assassination, James Bond, the 1966 FIFA World Cup Final and flower power. The laser is invented in 1960; solar technology is also developed in the sixties, and in the aerospace industry, the first satellites for television reception are designed.

In the same decade, the music of the Beatles conquers people's living rooms and leads to a fashion and cultural revolution amongst the youth of the day. By the end of the decade, nothing seems impossible: the Americans fly to the moon, there is nudity on stage in the hippie musical "Hair" in Berlin, and Willy Brandt is the first Social Democrat to become German chancellor.

Company and people

Whether politically, socially, culturally or technically – the world becomes bigger and more colourful in the 1960s, and people generally show more awareness and resolve. At this time, the American Thermal Appliance Company – later renamed TACO – has already been reliably providing hot water in American homes for 40 years. In 1961, the company founds its European subsidiary Taco Heizungen AG in Zurich – and Taconova is born.

The young trading company moves into its first premises in Militärstrasse and initially employs five people. Its purpose is initially to market the US products across the European market. In addition, the company also has its own product line, which is already very successful on the market at the time and is still appreciated today.


From the very beginning, the company sets itself the task of making people's lives as comfortable as possible with its products and services. The TacoVent is developed in the 1960s – a truly pioneering product that is still innovative, even from today's perspective. This ingenious and fully automatic radiator air vent valve puts an end to "gurgling" heating systems.

Manually bleeding the radiators and the typical dirty wallpaper are things of the past in the sixties thanks to this innovation. The TacoVent reliably removes unwanted air from heating systems, increases their efficiency and in turn reduces energy consumption and running costs – and is therefore right on trend, then as now

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Taconova in the 70s


Bell-bottoms, platform soles, disco and punk characterise the colourful cultural decade that is the seventies. The Beatles split up, whilst John Travolta brings iconic new music and fashion to Europe with "Saturday Night Fever".

At the same time, two oil crises bring about a new direction in the automobile industry. In the 1970s, video games and PCs herald the change from the industrial age to the information age, and the American computer programmer Ray Tomlinson sends the first email – a test message to himself.

The world's first test-tube baby is born; "Star Wars" hits the cinemas and remains an undisputed classic to this day. With the trend for all things retro, the seventies are making a comeback today.

Company and people

The young company Taco Heizungen AG is growing steadily and business in Europe is flourishing. In 1971, moving premises becomes unavoidable due to high production volumes.

The company head office is moved to Altstetten in the city of Zurich. Production of the modified products takes place from then on in Glattbrugg. The increasing demand, especially in Germany, also leads to a German subsidiary being established in the same year.

In 1977, Taconova again fundamentally expands its product range, focuses on the development and production of components, and changes its name to Taco Armaturen AG.


Safety, quality and simplicity – the NovaMix thermal domestic hot water mixing valve, launched by Taconova in the 1970s, embodies precisely the characteristics for which the company still stands today. A real innovation in building services at the time, it still ensures constant temperatures in hot water systems today, protecting users from scalding and equipment from damage. The mixing valves, which have since proven themselves many times over, work automatically with no additional auxiliary energy, feature a beneficial anti-limescale coating and come with the option of a "failsafe" function, which triggers a complete safety shutdown in the event of cold water failure. The thermal element is also available as a spare part and can be replaced without removing the valve – it simply has be to shut off. From drinking water installations to area heating and renewable energy systems – then as now, the NovaMix increases comfort, safety and energy efficiency in many important areas of building technology, and is more relevant than ever due to its use in solar thermal systems.