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Here is an overview of the ten most frequently asked questions about system technology.

System technology (TacoTherm Fresh Mega3 / Peta2)

1. How is the plate heat exchanger brazed?
In the standard version there is a copper brazed plate heat exchanger.
However, stainless steel brazed versions are also available for this station.

2. Is integration into the building management system possible?
Yes, via the optionally available Modbus RTU interface.

3. Is cylinder stratification possible?
Yes – you need the TacoTherm Fresh Mega3 CL / TacoTherm Fresh Peta2 CL for this,
as it has an integral diverter valve for stratification in the storage cylinder.

4. Are cascades possible?
Yes, up to 5 stations can be linked to form a cascade.

5. Is legionella flushing (thermal disinfection/pasteurisation) possible?
Yes, the control unit has an anti-legionella program.

6. What is the output of this station?
TacoTherm Fresh Mega3: 23 l/min at 70/60
TacoTherm Fresh Peta2: 63 l/min at 70/60.

7. Is there a higher output version?
TacoTherm Fresh Mega3 X: 34 l/min at 70/60
TacoTherm Fresh Peta2 X: 97 l/min at 70/60

8. Where should the cylinder sensor be connected for cylinder stratification?
At the level of the lower stratification layer.

9. Does this station require maintenance?
Annual maintenance is recommended to extend the service life of the station. 

10. Can the station be vented?
Yes, it includes an air vent valve.


You can find further information about system technology here.