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Heat Interface Units

Taconova is the design and manufacturing entity which provides fit for purpose Heat Interface Units (HIU’s) for group and district heating schemes.

It’s important to us that we always take the time to listen to and understand customer’s needs, and we work closely with all our customers to provide them with well-designed, manufactured and commissioned products using only quality components.  We believe in providing reliable and efficient solutions that meet and exceed specification criteria.


The team of specification consultants supports you in finding the right technical solution.

Every building is unique, every property has its own specific requirements. The Taconova specification consultant team supports you in finding the right solution for your building project. In doing so, the team can draw on a wide variety of centralised and decentralised Heat Interface Units.
Coming soon: matching buffer storage tanks and system pump groups.

Decentralised Heat Interface Units

Decentralised DHW heating for all cases

  • Hydraulically or electronically controlled
  • As a gas boiler replacement
  • For indirect heat supply
  • NEW with hybrid function
  • All electronically controlled variants are ready for integration into the building automation system
  • Compact, combined and ready-to-connect systems

TacoTherm Dual Piko PM

TacoTherm Dual Nano PM

TacoTherm Dual Piko Smart Connect

TacoTherm Dual Piko Smart Hybrid

TacoTherm H 3000E

Central Heat Interface Units

Central DHW heating is smart, efficient and scalable

  • Up to 500 l/min flow rate capacity thanks to cascading
  • Efficiency gain thanks to circulation modules and return stratification
  • Ready for integration into the building automation system

TacoTherm Fresh Mega3 (X)

TacoTherm Fresh Peta2 (X)

Central Circulation Stations

Central storage management

  • Storage management via circulation modules and return stratification

TacoTherm Circ Mega / Peta