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Welcome to Taconova Metering Solutions, designed to ensure that your network benefits from accurate and equitable billing solutions

Advanced Metering Hardware

Taconova is specialised in cutting-edge metering hardware to ensure precise data collection and optimal efficiency in utility management.
The diverse range of products includes:

  • Heat & Cooling Meters: Tailored for maximum efficiency in measuring heat and cooling energy
  • Electricity Meters: Robust and accurate meters for residential and commercial electricity monitoring
  • Water Meters: Advanced technology for exact consumption tracking

Each meter variant is crafted using the latest technology to ensure accuracy, durability, and seamless system integration.

More about Taconovas range of metering, billing and data analysis solutions

Your Partner in Efficient Utility Management

Taconova is your partner in creating a more efficient, user-friendly utility management system. Our comprehensive billing services provide customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Energy Efficiency and Maintenance

Committed to enhancing energy efficiency and robust maintenance services, Taconova’s approach not only ensures optimal performance but also supports sustainable energy practices.

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