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NovaMix Standard

Maintaining constant mixing temperatures and limiting temperatures in hot water systems


  • Constant temperature of the water at the outlet
  • Automatic mixing function without the need for auxiliary power
  • Infinite regulation of the nominal temperature in 2 ranges: 20 – 40 °C / 30 – 70 °C
  • Protection against scalding; the NovaMix Standard 70 FS model closes tightly
  • Special design with anti-scalding device
  • Can be used in panel heating systems and for loading storage tanks by means of solid-fuel boilers

NovaMix Standard (MT52)

Thermostatic mixing valve

NovaMix Standard 70 / 40 for storage water heating unit

NovaMix Standard 70 FR (Fast Response) for continuous flow water heating (kVS without check valve)

NovaMix Standard 70 FS (Fail Safe) Special design with anti-scalding protection in the event of failure of the cold water supply for storage water heating