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NovaMix Value

Maintaining constant mix temperatures and limiting temperatures in hot water systems


  • Constant temperature of the water at the outlet
  • Automatic mixing function without the need for auxiliary power and infinite regulation of the mixed water temperature
  • High regulation precision
  • Protection against scalding
  • High kVS values
  • Valve housing with non-stick coating to protect against lime scale deposits
  • Mechanism to prevent adjustment of the nominal value
  • No additional seals required when using the check valves (CV)
  • Can be used in panel heating systems and for loading storage tanks by means of solid-fuel boilers

NovaMix Value (MT53)

Thermostatic mixing valve

NovaMix Value 65 FS for the temperature range 45 – 65 °C (compliant with EN15092)

NovaMix Value 70 FS for the temperature range 35 – 70 °C (75 °C for Legionella flushing)

NovaMix Value 50 FS for the temperature range 20 - 50 ˚C