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Taconova supports you and your contacts during commissioning, service und support.

Support with

  • Project tracking: The specification consultant team keeps an eye on the construction progress and delivery dates
  • Commissioning for your partners by the Taconova team
  • Integration into the building automation system:The Taconova team supports you in integrating the HIUs into your existing system
  • Service, not only during commissioning: The Taconova team is also there for you if questions arise during operation
  • Training on technologies and products: The Taconova team will train you as required
  • Second Level Support: Your partners are our partners. The Taconova team supports your team on site
  • Wireless metering, billing, data capture: a cost efficient and clean solution for refurbished/new schemes. Eliminating the necessity of additional wiring and labour costs

Meter Reading, Billing & Prepayment Services

We have the ability to read most metered systems. We also have the expertise and technology to manage new and old systems from which data is accurately captured.

Meter Reading & Billing Services

Heatlink has the ability to read most metered systems. We also have the expertise and technology to manage new and old systems from which data is accurately captured.

Meter Reading, Billing & Prepayment Services

Heatlink Client Services Ltd was formed to provide a number of functions, primarily associated with the reading of meters, the creation of tenant bills and collection of payments on group and district heating systems.

It was a natural progression to be able to offer our clients a facility where we can read the meters supplied on our own or other HIU’s, create bills based on recorded consumptions, and collect payments on behalf of our clients.

We have a dedicated system that uses our own Automatic Meter Reading Software which reads each meter on all of our schemes every night around midnight and stores the data. This ensures that we are able to see the individual meter read on any day during that period, which is always useful when we are carrying out a change of tenancy (COT) readings. The system is then asked to look at readings on the particular scheme at the start date and end date of any billing period and provide the consumption for each address. Our ‘Bill Production’ software then applies the appropriate tariffs and creates a bill for each address. Accounts are then emailed and/or posted out.

A dedicated bank account is maintained for each scheme where funds collected are held pending a request for money by the clients to pay the gas bill for the scheme.

Periodic statements are provided to clients and consumers, and we send out ‘reminder’ letters to all consumers that may be ‘late’ with payments.

We liaise with such organisations as Management Companies, Lettings Agents and Housing Associations to monitor all change of tenancies, movement of occupants and outstanding payments.

We provide a number of methods for consumers to pay bills including standing orders, credit or debit card payments, cheques, cash deposit or BACS/internet banking.

Charges for these services are based on the number of dwellings on each scheme the service provides and the frequency of bill production.



Tariff Support

Our expertise allows us to set up or amend any tariff scheme in line with our client’s request. Measuring system efficiencies are key to accurate data and tariff charges.

Tariff Solution Support

Setting the tariff can in itself be a tricky task to successfully achieve. If you need any assistance here, we have great experience in supporting our clients.

Once you have a gas/fuel contract agreed with your supplier and the system is operational, we can help you work through the plant room losses and system efficiencies in the first year of operation. This is the key to a successful tariff. We utilise existing data collected from a number of similar schemes and analyse typical scheme performances. Whilst it is not normal policy to make a large profit at the expense of your occupiers, the scheme should also not make a loss, so ensuring the tariff right is imperative.

In addition, you may wish to roll in other standing charges and overheads. We can also offer advice here based on our wealth of experience. Once the tariff has been created we will then finalise the procedure by applying it to your bills.

All of our solutions at Heatlink are based on many years of experience, so please don’t hesitate to contact us via one of the methods listed below. 


Cash Collection Solutions

We have the expertise, software and security to manage cash collection either by Debit/Credit card, Prepayment, Standing Order, Credit Card, Cheque or Bank Transfer.

Payment Collection Solution

Alongside the meter reading service, we can also collect the monies due to the bills issued to the owner/occupier of the dwellings we have invoiced on your behalf. Part of our initial contact with your client involves us sending out an introductory pack to introduce ourselves. Within the introductory pack, we include a standing order mandate form and encourage the occupants to use them as a way of setting aside money in advance for their bills.  Whilst this isn’t compulsory, we strongly advise them to consider using this service. 

For those occupants who wish to pay their whole bill quarterly, we allow 14 days before starting a series of reminder and chase payment letters and emails. Bill payments can be made by the payee either by telephone or by bank transfer, should they wish not to set up a standing order. Monies collected are then held in a dedicated bank account awaiting the client’s requisition. Any bills provided under our corporate image will include the VAT element; we will then be responsible for ensuring that the VAT payment is passed on to HMRC.


Prepayment Solutions

Our state of the art billing system has been designed to offer residents the ability to pay their bill via our pre-payment system, thus helping to eliminate debt avoidance.  

For the Control and Avoidance of Debt

If you have difficulties with clients that struggle to pay their bills then we can supply intelligent pre-payment energy meters that provide real-time and historical information about consumption and accounting in monetary terms.

The heat meter is installed in the consumer premise with an inbuilt secure isolating valve. The consumer buys credit/heat in advance by paying at a vending office or purchasing online and their chosen amount is transferred to the meter through a special code. The amount in the meter is then deducted as per the usage and tariff charges. As the amount reaches a low balance an alarm is raised to the consumer via the in-home display, and when it reaches zero it automatically disconnects the supply. To reconnect, the consumer simply needs to buy more credit/heat.

The system is designed to cater for consumer convenience. It never disconnects the supply outside of agreed hours and it offers multiple vending options like recharging through a mobile app, online portal, bank card, cheque or standing order etc.