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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers about of valves and accessories, divided into mixing valves and zone valves.

Mixing valves (NovaMix Standard / Value / High Capacity)

1. What cylinder temperature (e.g. min. 60 °C – max. 80 °C) should the mixer be set to?
We recommend setting the mixer to the average expected cylinder temperature, i.e. approx. 70 °C in the above example. This averages out temperature fluctuations.

2. How should the mixer be connected?
The pipe length of the DHW connection to the mixing valve should be approx. 1 m. Installation below the DHW connector prevents circulation inside the pipe and thus overloading of the control element due to high temperatures.

3. Can the mixer be fitted the other way up?
Yes, installation at any angle is possible.

4. What if there is a circulation pump in the system?

The circulation line is divided downstream of the pump. One line leads to the cold water inlet on the mixer and the other to the cylinder. Be careful with the position of the non-return valves.

Example hydraulics:

5. Can the mixing valve be secured against unintentional adjustment?

Yes. With the NovaMix Standard and NovaMix High Capacity, the spindle is secured by means of a nut. In the NovaMix Value, the safety device is integrated in the rotatable cap.

NovaMix Standard / NovaMix High Capacity:

 NovaMix Value:

Valves and accessories - (NovaZone Valve)

1. Can the zone valve be installed overhead? 
No, because protection class IP 20 does not provide sufficient protection in this position. It can be installed as follows:

2. Is this valve suitable for glycol?
Yes, water mixtures with standard corrosion and antifreeze additives up to 50 % are permitted.

3. Which versions are available?
2-way, 3-way, 230 V only and normally closed.

4. How does the flow pass through the valve?

5. Is manual operation possible?
Yes, there is a manual adjustment option.

6. What temperatures are permissible?
Max. ambient temperature 60 °C; max. medium temperature 120 °C

7. Does the valve require maintenance?
No, it is maintenance-free.

8. Is the valve approved for drinking water?
No, only for heat transfer medium according to VDI 2035 and water mixtures with up to 50 % glycol content.

9. Is the valve also available in stainless steel or copper?
No, only brass.

10. What are the opening and closing times?
Opening time: 12 seconds / closing time: 5 seconds.


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