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Advanced Data Collection Technology

Utilising OMS MBus Solutions and customised data collection systems, ensures seamless remote meter reading. These solutions are adaptable to various geographic areas and property densities, incorporating IoT technologies like LoRaWAN and NB-IoT.

Focused on optimising operations, Taconova offers:

  • IoT Technology Integration: For enhanced data exchange, remote monitoring, and automated services.
  • HIU Maintenance and Repair: Comprehensive services for Heat Interface Units.
  • Network performance data
    Ensuring reliability and efficiency in utility networks.


More about Taconovas range of metering, billing and data analysis solutions

Sophisticated Metering Solutions

Every client has unique needs. That's why Taconova offers bespoke metering solutions, such as heat meters, water meters (both hot and cold), electricity meters, clamp-on meters, and heat cost allocators, to ensure they align perfectly with your requirements and those of your residents.

Your Partner in Efficient Utility Management

Taconova is your partner in creating a more efficient, user-friendly utility management system. Our comprehensive billing services provide customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

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