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Smart building technology with TacoFlow2 eLink

Perfect interaction between circulation pump and smartphone

An efficient circulation pump is the key to saving heating energy.  This makes it all the more important to adapt the settings of the circulating pump to the existing heating system and to check the operating parameters regularly. Our smarter solution: With the highly efficient TacoFlow2 eLink circulator pump and app it is possible to set and read the pump as well as record the measured values wirelessly.

With the eLink App — available for Android and iOS — in combination with the high efficiencyTacoFlow2 eLink circulation pump, Taconova is taking another step towards perfecting smart building technology. Connecting the circulator to the app via Bluetooth is simple and fast. The app itself has a simplified design and is easy to operate. Control, check, categorise, log, save, email — these and many other steps can be carried out wirelessly.

Intelligent connection for more convenience

If the eLink mode is activated and the circulation pump is connected to the app all pump settings can be made directly on the touch screen. The installer has numerous options: nine proportional pressure and nine constant pressure curves can be set via the eLink connection to fine-tune the heating system. The constant speed and the TacoAdapt functions are available as additional modes. The latter ensures high energy efficiency by automatically adjusting the pump output to the requirements of the heating system. In the selected mode, the values can be easily adjusted wirelessly. Settings and the current operating point of the circulating pump are logged in a clear report that enables the installer to easily document and track the system inventory.

Powerful circulation pump

TacoFlow2 eLink may also be used in analog mode and still convinces with its setting options: The speed is infinitely variable and there is a choice between two constant pressure and two proportional pressure curves.

Like all Taconova circulating pumps the TacoFlow2 eLink is characterized by safe, reliable and energy-efficient operation. Double insulation eliminates the need for grounding and the “auto-unlock” and automatic venting functions provide additional safety. With delivery heads of 6 m and 7 m, a maximum volume flow of 4.4 m³/h and a temperature range from 2 °C to 110 °C, the TacoFlow2 eLink is suitable for use in single and twin-pipe heating systems, underfloor heating systems and solar systems.

You can download the app here. Choosing the demo version, you can trial the functions of the TacoFlow 2 eLink without a connected pump.

Date: 12/2019

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